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2018 Coffee with a Geek Year in Review

2018 was a great year with some fantastic guests and special events Here is a quick review of 2018 January - Guest: Richard Czyz Rich is an energetic Principal in New Jersey and the author of The Four O’Clock Faculty: A Rogue Guide To Revolutionizing Professional Learning . Connect: @RACzyz Video February- Guest: Susan Kwiecien "Sue is an educator and social entrepreneur who is part of the team that developed the curation site: Cube4Teachers . Check it out! Connect @suekwiecien Video March - Guest: Marlena Gross-Taylor Marlena is the founder of the Edugladiators Team that helps educational leaders ground their practice in sound research based principles. Connect: @ mgrosstaylor Video April - Guest: Amy Storer Amy is an instructional coach for Montgomery ISD and has a resource for almost any and every #edtech task. Connect: @techamys Video Coffee with a Geek at the Canada Connect Conference . May - Culture and the Geek

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Jake Miller!

WHAT:  Coffee with a Geek Interview with Jake Miller WHEN:  December 11th, 2018 TIME:  3:30-4pm WHERE:  Youtube Live I can't wait to interview Jake Miller.  If you're not following Jake on Twitter, or checking out his Blog on a regular basis, it is a must!  While Jake's work focuses on G-Suite ideas for educators, many of his ideas can be adapted along a variety of pedagogical landscapes.  From following him on Twitter and his blog, his enthusiasm and passion for creative ideas for educators is contagious.  I'm really looking forward to chatting with him about his blog, his source of creativity and passion, and his thoughts on education's future! A little about Jake in his own words:  " Jake is an instructional technology coach and father of 3 from Ohio. He’s probably best known for his #EduGIFs that he shares in Twitter and is also the host of the new “Educational Duct Tape” Podcast." Connect with Jake: Twitter: @jakemillertech Websit

My Presentations at #NYSCATE18

Some links and resources from my projects at NYSCATE18 1.  1st Annual Hackathon: Award winners:  Video Interviews Phil Jorosz- Technology Integrator Kenton Union Free School District Jaclyn Ellefsen- Staff Developer:  Orange Ulster Boces Leandra Tejador- Vidcode Leader and Sponsor of Event Jeff White: Instructional Coach- Salamanca City Schools

Coffee Edu at #NYSCATE18

NYSCATE Is an Amazing Conference that brings together Educational Technology colleagues from across the state.  There are so many great sessions so it is impossible to see every one.  So let's share! Please open the Google Doc Below and share a link, resource, or idea you came across. Please share a resource from the #NYSCATE18 conference. Resources Here

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Dr. Xiao-Ning Zhang

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Xiao-Ning Zhang WHEN:  September 26th, 2019 TIME:  9am-9:30am Youtube Live Link I saw a presentation by Dr. Zhang at Daemen College's STEAM Conference over the summer.  I was really impressed at how she took subjects that seem very complex, such as the science of DNA, and made creative hands-on activities to help students understand them. I'm really excited to talk to her about her teaching methods, as well as her projects and work.  This session would be great for any teacher looking for inspiration and ideas on how to help students learn with creative activities and projects. A little bit about Dr. Zhang in her own words: Born in Tianjin, China. Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Biotechnology at Nanjing University. PhD in Genetics at Fudan University in 2002. (both universities are similar in status in China as ivy league in the US) Postdoctoral position at University of

Movies Educators Should Watch Episode 1: Red Folder

Many of you may know that I often like to pretend I am a movie critic.  For my children, I created a movie blog titled, " Movies I Want My Kids to See, and Why ?"  It's a slow work in progress, but I wanted to have my children know a little about me through the movies I have enjoyed and which had meaning to me. Well, I thought it might be nice to create a list of movies I think teachers should watch.  Am I an expert on movies?  Nope.  I'm just a teacher who likes to watch movies.  The movies I plan to highlight are movies, many of them short films, that made me really think about education. So with that introduction, I'd like to showcase the Ben Kallam short film, "Red Folder" Red Folder from Ben Kallam on Vimeo . This film moved me on many levels.  First, cinematically, I was captivated by the scenery and character development as the main character, Joseph, is sent on a mission to find a red folder.  As he wanders through the school we lear

Black Mirror Guest Post- Matt Mariglia

Matt Mariglia was supposed to be a part of our Black Mirror Educator Support Group Session.  Unfortunately, due to some tech issues he was late to our group.  Matt's insights are so valuable to the support group, so I asked him to send me his thoughts as an extra segment.  Must read!. Video of Support Group Session:  HERE Support Group Shownotes:  HERE As a part of #CWAG’s Black Mirror Support Group (I call it the BMSG) with Andy, Jen Murphy & Heather Krieger, we recently discussed the episode in season three called Shut Up and Dance .  The basic story is of a young man named Kenny whose life is riddled with many of the problems a young man might have.  He’s bullied by workmates, has a single mom who is interested more in her social life than her children, and he himself  lacks plenty of self confidence. But with Shut Up and Dance, and any Black Mirror episode, the seemingly understandable story can get flipped on its head.  Without me giving away all of the episod

The #CWAG Black Mirror Discussions Part 2- Shut Up and Dance

WHAT   The Coffee with a Geek Black Mirror Discussions WHEN :  August 22nd, 2018 WHERE :  YouTube Live Hangout TIME:   3:30-4pm Eastern Please join the Black Mirror Support Group panel for our 2nd installment.  For this, session we will be exploring the episode entitled, "Shut Up and Dance".  If you're not familiar with Black Mirror, it is a Netflix Series that is explores technology trends and how they impact society.  Each episode is standalone, so you don't need to watch them in any particular order.   Join my colleagues, (Jennifer Murphy, Heather Krieger, and Matthew Mariglia as we take a deep dive into this episode and how it relates to education. For the Show Notes Click HERE

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Jaime Donally

Really looking forward to my interview with Jaime Donally! A little about Jaime:  Jaime is a passionate technology enthusiast. She began her career as a math teacher and later moved into Instructional Technology. Her desire to build relationships have brought about opportunities to collaborate with students and educators around the world. She provides staff development and training on immersive technology as an edtech consultant. Her latest adventures include the launch of Global Maker Day and the #ARVRinEDU community. She works as an author and speaker to provide practical use of augmented and virtual reality with more resources at This interview I will be asking her about her ISTE Experience, her Speaking/ Keynote presentations,  her amazing work in AR/VR in education, and her book, " Learning Transported ! Ways to Connect with Jaime: Twitter - @jaimedonally Facebook - ARVRinEDU Group Instagram - jaimedonally Jaime's amazing Website:   

Coffee with a Geek: The Black Mirror Support Group

Video Link for Live Interview LINK to COMMENT In this month's episode I will be chatting with Williamsville Technology Integrator's Jennifer Murphy Heather Krieger, and Starpoint's Matthew Mariglia as we start our very own Black Mirror Support Group. In case you're not familiar with Black Mirror , it is a Netflix Series that is similar to The Twighlight Zone, in format so that each episode is self contained.  Every episode takes a technology trend or topic and extends its affects on society to an extreme level.  It is very thought provoking and yes, many of the episodes will leave you quite shaken or disturbed.  (This is an adult level show)  For Common Sense Media Review Click HERE .  That said, I have genuinely thought that its plot lines can relate well to educational technology and I think educators shouldn't be afraid to take on this show. With that in mind, I have asked my colleagues Jennifer and Heather to offer their insights as we dig into on

When everything falls into place..

A few weeks ago I had one of those marvelous inspiring days ... It almost seemed accidental or perhaps providential.  For "in the trenches" teachers, it is one of those days when the learning and engagement come together and you as the teacher can watch it all happen with maximum flexibility to interact with all learners.   For Professional Developers this day appears when your participants are actively creating and interacting with others to make curriculum or educational technology magic happen.   I had just such a day: I had a history teacher, who is a Civil War Re-Enactor, in one of my PD sessions looking to change up the dynamic of his classroom instruction.  I told him about my Virtual World projects, The Islands of Enlightenment, fully expecting his eyes to glass over and politely nod, but then look for another option.  Instead, he embraced the idea, asked all types of insightful questions and looked to dig right in.  So, I connected some of my OpenSim buddies who

Coffee with a Geek At Canada's Connect Conference!

I am really honored to be a part of the Connect 2018 Conference in Niagara Falls Canada!  I have been here 2 years in a row and have really loved the energy and awesome edtech ideas of my colleagues from the North! I was invited to attend this year and bring my Coffee with a Geek nerdy glasses and interview some of the amazing speakers and participants at the conference.  Check out my list of speakers and their videos through the Connect page or my youtube channel links! Speakers on April 25th Speakers on April 26th

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Amy Storer

DATE:   4/17/2018 TIME:  4pm-4:30pm Eastern Livestream URL: Amy Storer is an Instructional Coach with a lot of great ideas and energy. A little about her in her own words:   "I am a graduate of Lamar University with a Master's in Educational Technology Leadership. I truly love being an instructional coach for Montgomery ISD. This year is my 2nd year as a campus coach, and I am so happy to be at our newest elementary school, Keenan Elementary. I have taught grades 1-4, and I am also a technology integration mentor for my district. I hold 2 Teacher of the Year distinctions and, in 2015, I was a top 4 finalist in HEB's Excellence in Education in the "Leadership Elementary" category. I am an educator that encourages and motivates others to reach far beyond the classroom walls to make the learning more meaningful and inspiring. I have a true passion for working with other educators and students to encourage them to make

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Marlena Gross-Taylor

WHEN:  Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 TIME:  4-4:30PM Eastern Time WHERE:  YouTube Live  (Join the conversation live or watch later) What a great experience interviewing an Edugladiator!  (What a great name)  A little about Marlena in her own words:    Marlena Gross-Taylor is a dedicated & successful K-12 leader with proven track record of improving educational and operational performance through vision, strategic planning, leadership and team building. She had a sound knowledge of elementary and secondary education and broad-based experience creating and implementing dynamic interactive programs that continue to transform the learning experience for students. Ways to connect with Marlena: Websites: and AMLE: FB Page: LinkedIn:

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Susan Kwiecien

I've met Susan at many #Edtech venues from NYSCATE to Canada Connect Conference.  Recently, I've discovered she's working on a new edtech venture Cube 4 Teachers.    This site is a combination of Professional Learning Network (PLN) for teachers and a curation platform. I'll talk to Susan about the platform, as well as, big picture ideas of education based on her vast experience as an educator and entrepreneur . A little about Sue in her own words:   Sue is an educator and social entrepreneur.  Her experience in education is diverse, teaching students from pre-k to adult learning. She is most passionate about equality and equity in education to ensure that all students have access to opportunities for success.  She is the co-founder of Cube for Teachers - one of Canada’s largest education sharing networks where educators can search, save and store links to all things educational. Sue believes that accessing target differentiated resources with just-in-time re

The Digital Art Museum Article

I am so honored and grateful to have an article published about the work of Sheila Cannon and I. The Digital Art Museum Project was designed to showcase the project that involves Middle School Art students creating works of art in digital forms. Why is this valuable? Let's face it, today's artists are not only working in the traditional means of art (ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, designs, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking, literature and architecture) but are working in digital forms created by computer programs such as Blender, Unity, Autocad, etc.  If you have watched any current movie, most likely the background imagery was probably created by high powered computer animated graphics.  Video games and even app based games are almost exclusively created via digital form.  So, if one goal of K-12 schooling is to prepare students for careers, what better way to get them started by creating art using the programs detailed in this article? Sp

Day of Learning with Matt Miller: Ditch That Textbook Workshop

Learning meaningful technology ideas @jmattmiller #edtech — ☕Andrew WheelockšŸ¤“ (@AMWheelock) January 26, 2018 We had an amazing day of Learning with my personal #Edtech Super Hero, Matt Miller Not familiar with Matt and his work.  Check it out below: Ditch That Texbook Blog Ditch That Texbook Author Page Follow Matt on Twitter My Interview with Matt Check out our Moments from the Day HERE

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Richard Czyz

Looking forward to interviewing Author and  co-founder of the Four O’Clock Faculty blog   Richard Czyz WHEN:  January 23rd, 2018 TIME:  4-4:30PM Want to win a Kindle copy of Richard's New Book?  Go to this link:  HERE A little about Richard in his own words   Rich Czyz is a Principal in New Jersey. He is the co-founder of the Four O’Clock Faculty blog. Rich is a former 5th Grade and Basic Skills Teacher, Instructional Coach, and Supervisor/Director of Curriculum and Instruction. He is the author of The Four O’Clock Faculty: A Rogue Guide To Revolutionizing Professional Learning . Rich has a passion for modeling and implementing innovative strategies to help learners and teachers improve every day. Ways to connect: Rich is active on Twitter ( @RACzyz ) and can be reached via email at