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Coffee with a Geek Interview with Alicia Blankenship

iTunes Podcast Link HERE DATE:   February 13th, 2021 TIME:  9am Eastern As usual, my main source of interview inspiration comes from my social media feeds.  Especially Twitter.  This first interview of 2021 is no different.  I have been following Alicia Blankenship for quite some time and enjoy her thoughtful posts and analysis.  She is an "in the trenches" teacher so I really wanted to get her perspectives from field!   A little about Alicia in her own words:   A literacy educator who uses her education and experience to improve the literacy and skills of her students. She began her career teaching 2nd grade and has taught at the primary and secondary level. I genuinely enjoyed and was inspired by Alicia's thoughts on education, Literacy, and making a difference during a Pandemic. This is the 4th week of the six weeks.. My student messages me, “How do I have a zero?” I replied, “because you don’t attend class and don’t do any assignments” Should I edit before pressing