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Coffee with a Geek Interview with Silky Vyas

First Interview of the 2022 Schedule! Listen on your Favorite Podcast App HERE Watch the Rumble Version HERE I'm so honored to have Silky Vyas as my first guest of the 2022 year.  I've been following Silky for a long time on Twitter and she shares fantastic ideas and resources.  Her background is incredibly extensive so it was a real challenge to keep my interview under 30 minutes.  However, she has a great way of crystallizing big topics into more manageable parts.   An asset for any teacher.   A little about Silky in her own words:   Silky Vyas is presently the EY and PYP ICT Coach and Head of Information Services at Shen Wai International School, Shenzhen. She is one of the board members of SENIA (Special Education Network and Inclusion Association) Shenzhen Chapter. She is an ISTE Certified Educator and has more than thirteen years of teaching experience in International Baccalaureate schools, she collaborates with teachers to integrate technology and information fluency sk