Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Susan Kwiecien

Live Link to Video (February 27th, 2018)  HERE

I've met Susan at many #Edtech venues from NYSCATE to Canada Connect Conference.  Recently, I've discovered she's working on a new edtech venture Cube 4 Teachers.   This site is a combination of Professional Learning Network (PLN) for teachers and a curation platform.

I'll talk to Susan about the platform, as well as, big picture ideas of education based on her vast experience as an educator and entrepreneur .

A little about Sue in her own words:  Sue is an educator and social entrepreneur.  Her experience in education is diverse, teaching students from pre-k to adult learning. She is most passionate about equality and equity in education to ensure that all students have access to opportunities for success.  She is the co-founder of Cube for Teachers - one of Canada’s largest education sharing networks where educators can search, save and store links to all things educational. Sue believes that accessing target differentiated resources with just-in-time results is fundamental to the modern educator.

Ways to connect with Sue:

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Digital Art Museum Article

I am so honored and grateful to have an article published about the work of Sheila Cannon and I. The Digital Art Museum Project was designed to showcase the project that involves Middle School Art students creating works of art in digital forms. Why is this valuable? Let's face it, today's artists are not only working in the traditional means of art (ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, designs, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking, literature and architecture) but are working in digital forms created by computer programs such as Blender, Unity, Autocad, etc.  If you have watched any current movie, most likely the background imagery was probably created by high powered computer animated graphics.  Video games and even app based games are almost exclusively created via digital form.  So, if one goal of K-12 schooling is to prepare students for careers, what better way to get them started by creating art using the programs detailed in this article?

Special Thanks goes to Sheila, who was a reluctant collaborator, but a true visionary pioneer!  

Article Link:  HERE


·     Cannon, Sheila , and Andrew M Wheelock. “The Digital Art Museum.” New York State Education Department, Jan. 2018,

Friday, January 26, 2018

Day of Learning with Matt Miller: Ditch That Textbook Workshop

We had an amazing day of Learning with my personal #Edtech Super Hero, Matt Miller

Not familiar with Matt and his work.  Check it out below:

Ditch That Texbook Blog
Ditch That Texbook Author Page
Follow Matt on Twitter
My Interview with Matt

Check out our Moments from the Day HERE

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Richard Czyz

Looking forward to interviewing Author and co-founder of the Four O’Clock Faculty blog Richard Czyz

WHEN:  January 23rd, 2018
TIME:  4-4:30PM

Want to win a Kindle copy of Richard's New Book?  Go to this link:  HERE

A little about Richard in his own words  Rich Czyz is a Principal in New Jersey. He is the co-founder of the Four O’Clock Faculty blog. Rich is a former 5th Grade and Basic Skills Teacher, Instructional Coach, and Supervisor/Director of Curriculum and Instruction. He is the author of The Four O’Clock Faculty: A Rogue Guide To Revolutionizing Professional Learning. Rich has a passion for modeling and implementing innovative strategies to help learners and teachers improve every day.

Ways to connect:

Rich is active on Twitter (@RACzyz) and can be reached via email at

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Coffee and Culture- Black Mirror

For the New Year, I have decided to write a post from time to time on issues that have to do with Arts, Culture, Education, and/ or Technology.  For now, I'm going to call it "Coffee and Culture".  My goal is to highlight these issues with brief reviews for some food 4 thought discussion.

With that said, here is my first installment.

If you are a Netflix Subscriber and you are looking for some really thought provoking viewing, I would highly recommend watching the Series "Black Mirror"  *Now let me warn you right now*.  This is not for children and it often explores, as its title suggests, the dark side of technology and the dark side of humanity.  Season 1, Episode 1, is probably the most difficult to take on, so you may want to skip that episode at first.  (It might help to digest that one later).  The series is really a darker-up to-date version of The Twilight Zone, so you can watch the episodes in whatever order you would like.

So how does this relate to education or technology?   What Black Mirror successfully does is take a technology and extend it's dynamic to an often extreme length to highlight human frailties such as the corruption of power, self esteem and status, as well as, the potential for using code for devious means.  

By examining the extremes, we can perhaps make sense of the day to day technology uses and abuses to make a society built on wisdom and kindness rather than weakness and corruption. 

Anyway, if you want some more info or would like to join in on a conversation about Black Mirror, check out the links below.  Or if you're more daring, respond in a post below.

Black Mirror on Twitter
Black Mirror Facebook
Reddit Threads
IMBD Black Mirror
Black Mirror Trailer on Youtube (Not recommended for Children)

Themes that are addressed that have education threads:  Virtual Worlds, Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Status.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The #CWAG Year in Review 2017

I had an amazing year of interviews and learning.   I have linked my videos to the amazing people I have had the pleasure of talking with this year.

  • Fanny PasseportI came across Fanny's work when I stumbled across her website that had the ISTE Standards for Students explained within a Thinglink.  She has a kind hearted manner about her but is fearless in her #edtech adventures!  Video Only  
  • Rachelle Dene Poth:  Had a chance to meet Spanish/ STEAM Teacher, etc. Rachelle at ISTE 17 and she is just as inspiring in person as in this interview.  Tons of great ideas!  Video Only
  • Katie GarnerAuthor and Educator, Katie, has a lot of great ideas for getting students reading!  Not limited to #Edtech, Katie shared a lot of great ideas.  Video Only
  • Jen Giffen:  Digital Literacy Resource Teacher with the York Region District School Board, Jen has amazing ideas and is Energy Plus!  Find her work HEREVideo Only 
  • Liz Hardy:  Liz is an online learning expert and has some amazing insights into education and learning in general.  She wanted to do a text based interview only which was quite lively and fascinating.  Check out her work:  HERE
  • Vicki Morgado:  16 Year Elementary Educator from Canada, Vicki is amazingly fluent in #Edtech.  She has great ideas for becoming a Tech Savvy Teacher!  Video Only
  • The NYSCATE Sessions:  November is really a month devoted to our ISTE Affiliate.  NYSCATE.  This conference is a fantastic place to connect, learn, and share.  I had a chance to chat with some great educators.   
  • Mike Drezek-  Technology Integrator at Lake Shore Central Schools.  A Must Follow on Twitter!  Video Only

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Mike Drezek

Had a great #Edtech Chat with Technology Integrator Extraordinaire, Mike Drezek.  I have gotten  to know Mike over the years in his role as Technology Integrator for Lake Shore Central Schools.  He is undaunted in his quest to push the boundaries of edtech.  Mike has helped his district and teachers integrate tech tools ranging from virtual environments to multimedia tools.  He is always willing to help and share, which makes him an indispensable part of the my Professional Learning Network.  He was recently honored with NYSCATE's Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award.  

Michael is a Technology Integrator for Lake Shore Central School District. He is entering his 4th year in this role and 14th year teaching. Michael serves on the District Technology Committee and Western New York Technology Integrators’ Forum Advisory Panel. He is a Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2, Microsoft Innovative Educator and Trainer, 2016 Apple Teacher with Swift Playgrounds Designation. He is an educator ambassador for Seesaw, CoSpaces, Buncee, Flipgrid and CueThink. Michael is passionate about using technology to accelerate learning, amplify student voice and empower both teachers and students.

Connect with Mike at: