Monday, July 15, 2019

Coffee with a Geek on Culture: Black Mirror Support Group Talks about "Metal Head"

Black Mirror Support Group Discussion for Educators:  HERE.  Feel free to comment!

The Netflix Series, Black Mirror, is a drama series that highlights the dark side of technology.  Each episode is a stand alone story that is often thought provoking and may be disturbing.  After watching a few seasons, I found myself really needed to reach out to others to see if they could help me to work through some of the heavy hitting themes.  I found a group of educational technology leaders, Matt Mariglia, Heather Krieger, and Jennifer Murphy to help me with this endeavor of unpacking the ideas and concepts that are part of Black Mirror.  We try to focus our attention on how technology interacts with education.

This is our 3rd time analyzing Black Mirror.  In this discussion, we examine the episode entitled, Metal Head.  The story line involves a survivor in a dystopian world trying to escape the cunning pursuit of a mechanical robot that looks eerily like a dog.  She has stolen something from a warehouse in the hopes to return it to other survivors.  What did she steal?  and why should she be so afraid of the dog?  Check out our discussion and/or better yet, watch Metal Head.

  1. Can someone summarize the episode?
  2. What are some of the ways this episode connects with society today?
  3. How does this episode relate to education? Or doesn’t it?
  4. Why do you think the film was in Black and White?  Artistically, what were your thoughts of this episode?

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Mike Tholfsen

WHEN:  Friday May 24th, 2019
TIME:  3:30-4pm

Recently, I have been avidly following Mike Tholfsen on Twitter.  He offers an amazing array of practical and effective ways to use Office 365 for education.  It's fair to say that Microsoft has been creating an array of  tools for teaching and learning that are well developed, accessible, and engaging.  I'm really looking forward to talking to Mike about his background in education, as well as, his thoughts on using educational technology programs from Microsoft Edu in powerful ways.

Here's a little about Mike in his own words:  Mike Tholfsen is a Principal Product Manager on the Microsoft Education team focusing on Inclusive Classroom, Learning Tools and OneNote Class/Staff Notebooks.  He is passionate about education and has been regularly working with students and teachers around the world over the past ten years to create products that improve student outcomes. 

Ways to connect with Mike:  

Twitter: @mtholfsen 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Coffee with a Geek at Canada Connected Conference 2019

I'm once again honored to be a part of the Canada Connect Conference in Niagara Falls Ontario!   This is really an amazing Edtech Event with awesome Spotlight Speakers, presentations, student exhibits and more!  I will be hanging out at the Coffee Area, drinking coffee and chatting with presenters and participants.  I will even roam around the student exhibit area and chat with some of the amazing students and their teachers.

Check out my Videos from Wednesday May 1st here.  Can't wait!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Tech Rabbi Michael Cohen

WHAT:  Coffee with a Geek Interview with Tech Rabbi: Michael Cohen
TIME:  3-3:30Pm Eastern Time

Last year at ISTE 2018 I saw a really great TED Talk by Rabbi Michael Cohen.  Like so many TED Talks his presentation was polished and inspirational.  His message of engaging students creativity and thought process for deeper learning was powerful as well as timely.  I am really looking forward to talking to him about his ISTE talk, his recent book, Educated Design, and his blog and podcast.  Should be a great conversation.

A little about Michael from his Website:  Michael Cohen, The Tech Rabbi, is a designer, educator and creativity instigator. His mission is to help educators around the world reveal their own creative abilities so they can empower students to solve interesting problems and become positive contributors to our global society. He is the author of the book Educated By Design, which outlines his principles for revealing and nurturing our innate creative courage and capacity. He is a national keynote speaker, advisor, and trainer. When he isn’t traveling the world sharing his message, he serves as the director of innovation for Yeshiva University of Los Angeles Boys School (YULA) and creator of the Schlesinger STEAM and Entrepreneurship Center

Connect with Tech Rabbi:
Twitter: @TheTechRabbi

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Jennifer Gonzalez

WHEN:  February 21st, 2019
TIME:  3:30-4pm Eastern
WHERE:  YouTube Live Link HERE

Are you an educator?  Then Jennifer Gonzalez's powerhouse website, Cult of Pedagogy, is a must follow and read.   This website is filled with great posts, Video, a Podcast, and so much more.  I will ask her about the Cult of Pedagogy, her teaching career, and the future of education.

A little about Jennifer in her own words:  "Jennifer Gonzalez is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 10 years of classroom experience. Most of this time was spent teaching middle school language arts, and the rest was at the college level, where she trained pre-service teachers for the classroom. In 2013, she created the website Cult of Pedagogy, where she now works full-time to help teachers of all subjects and grade levels practice and perfect the art of teaching."

How to Connect with Jennifer:

Q & A

Questions and Answers:

1. What is your favorite blend of coffee Ans. 1:27
2. Tell me your educational journey ans. 2:02
3. What’s next for the website? : Ans. 5:53
4. With all the moving parts of education do you think we need to break it down into more finite goals, improvements? Ans. 9:06
5. What are your thoughts on American Education? Break it down. Ans. 10:05
6. From Edweek Article “A world without annual testing may be closer than you think.” Thoughts? Ans. 14:09
7. From Edweek Article Education has an Innovation problem? Ans. 15:25
8. Can you tell me about your post about “Frikin Packets” Ans. 17:57
9. Quotable Question: After reading Einstein’s Quote: Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.-Albert Einstein What are your thoughts about it? Ans. 22:51

Speed Geek Questions: 26:19

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Dr. Shantel Scott

WHAT:  Coffee with a Geek Interview with Dr. Shantel Scott
WHEN:  January 31st, 2019
TIME:  3:30-4pm Eastern

For my first interview of 2019 I am really excited to chat with Dr. Shantel Scott.  I met Shantel last summer at the ISTE Conference and was really intrigued with her work, especially along the lines of gamification.  I'm going to ask her about her work, her past teaching experience, and her future endeavors.

A little about Shantel in her own words:  "Dr. Shantel Marie Scott is a passionate educator changing lives, with technology, one classroom at a time. Dr. Scott has 15 years of experience teaching English in grades 7-12. With deep roots in innovating classroom instruction, Dr. Scott also works as an instructional design, technology, and training consultant. She specializes in the use of avatars and gamification concepts in educational environments to encourage real learning, publishes articles and runs workshops on these topics, amongst others. In addition, she holds a doctoral degree in Instructional Technology and Distance Education, is a Google for Education Certified Innovator, a PLN Leader for the ISTE Learning Spaces Network, and a classroom game master!

Ways to connect with Shantel:
Twitter:  @TheLearningDr

Friday, December 21, 2018

2018 Coffee with a Geek Year in Review

2018 was a great year with some fantastic guests and special events

Here is a quick review of 2018January- Guest: Richard Czyz Rich is an energetic Principal in New Jersey and the author of The Four O’Clock Faculty: A Rogue Guide To Revolutionizing Professional Learning.
Connect: @RACzyz

February- Guest: Susan Kwiecien "Sue is an educator and social entrepreneur who is part of the team that developed the curation site: Cube4Teachers. Check it out!
Connect @suekwiecien

March- Guest: Marlena Gross-Taylor Marlena is the founder of the Edugladiators Team that helps educational leaders ground their practice in sound research based principles.
Connect: @mgrosstaylor

April- Guest: Amy Storer Amy is an instructional coach for Montgomery ISD and has a resource for almost any and every #edtech task.
Connect: @techamys
Coffee with a Geek at the Canada Connect Conference.

May- Culture and the Geek Black Mirror Support Group Episode 1: Reviewing the Episode: Nosedive

June-Off for ISTE 2018

July- Guest: Jaime Donally Jaime is an Educational Technology Guru and author of "Learning Transported!" about the latest AR/VR trends in education.
Connect: @jaimedonally
Guest Post on this episode by Matt Mariglia HERE

August: Culture and the Geek: Black Mirror Support Group Session 2 Reviewing Black Mirror Episode- "Shut Up and Dance"

September- Guest: Dr. Xiao-Ning Zhang Dr. Zhang is an innovative Biology teacher who puts her creativity into producing some amazing hands on activities for her college level students. These lessons can be easily adapted for any grade level science project.

December- Guest: Jake Miller Educational Technology Coach with an amazing blog that can tell you everything you need to know about G-Suite and more! Coming soon, Jake will have his Educational DuctTape Podcast.
Connect: @jakemillertech