Coffee with a Geek Interview with Therese Willkomm

What an amazing educator to start my 2023 interview season off.  Therese Willkomm is an incredible educator who helps people by creating Assistive Technology tools to help improve their lives.  She uses everyday materials from old election signs to velcro.  

A little about Therese in her own words:  "As you know 85% of assistive technology does not involve an electronic device. My new book makes stuff and love people does not involve any electronic device. It’s about the over 2000 different devices that I’ve created for individuals with disabilities. I still think it’s worth the interview to get people thinking that technology does not have to involve electronics.

I’m known nationally and internationally as the McGyver, McGyvett, or MacGyver of assistive technology, for my five minute approach to fabricating assistive technology solutions for use at home, in the community, the workplace, and school. Also, only 25% of assistive technology is related to education . I know that word technology makes people think that we’re talking about electronic. I also don’t use Twitter, or social media. I have never watched Star Trek or Star Wars. However, I have created and posted over 1800 assistive technology maker videos on YouTube. My passion for making assistive technology for individuals with disabilities in five minutes or less is because people should not have to wait for what they need and the fact that assistive technology has such a high failure rate. Therefore learning rapid fabrication and rapid prototyping enables rapid trial, and error in creating the most appropriate solution for a specific challenge. Here’s some more information about my new book.

“Make Stuff and Love People - Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes Book III. It is the most comprehensive assistive technology makers book available with over 1500 images including QR codes to 500 “how-to“ videos and resources."

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