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2021 A Year of Coffee with a Geek

  Image Created with Buncee! Another year has gone by and I'm so happy and grateful to have been able to interview some amazing thought leaders in education.  Hope you'll take a listen to some of these wonderful guests. February:  Literacy Teacher Alicia Blankenship April:  Educator Jon Redeker May:  Educator Jamie Ellman  July:  Assistant Principal JaVonda Tucker August:  Social Studies Teacher Stevie Frank September- Pine Valley Superintendent Bryna Moritz October KIPP NYC Superintendent and lifelong friend Jim Manly November- IT Asset Manager and Author Al Kingsley

Coffee with a Geek Interview with Al Kingsley

To Listen to the Show through your favorite Podcast App. Go HERE This month's guest comes from across the Atlantic Ocean! Al Kingsley ( ) offers some of his amazing insight into his 30 year journey of Edtech expertise.  In this episode, I ask Al about his vast experience, his recent presentation at the NYSCATE 21 Conference, and his new book, " My Secret #EdTech Diary ". Al's insight carries across the miles and translates into almost any educational enterprise. A little bit about Al in his own words:   Al Kingsley has spent the last 30 years in the EdTech space and 20 of those as a school trustee and governor. He is Group CEO of NetSupport Ltd, an internationally acclaimed EdTech vendor, and has lived and worked in both the UK and US. His latest book, My Secret #EdTech Diary, released in July under the imprint of John Catt Educational Publishers. He is an expert in digital strategy, security, and education technology." Al's vast exp