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Coffee with a Geek Interview with Superintendent Jim Manly

 Coffee with a Geek Interview with Superintendent Jim Manly- KIPP NYC Listen and Subscribe on your favorite Podcast App HERE Rumble Version:  HERE It's a huge honor and a pleasure to interview a longtime friend Jim Manly, the Superintendent of Kipp NYC.  Jim and I grew up together in Fredonia New York, and after high school we went our separate ways.  Both of us took a circuitous route to education.  This is a great way to connect across the miles!  Jim was featured in the 2010 movie, The Lottery when he was a Principal for a Success Academy Charter school in NYC.  I'll ask him about his journey through education, his lessons learned over the years through his experiences and background, and we may even chat about "The good old days" of our youth!. A little about Jim and his background:   Jim Manly serves as Superintendent of KIPP NYC, a network public charter schools (18 schools as of summer 2021) in New York City. Jim came to KIPP NYC in 2015 with 30 years of experi