Coffee with a Geek Interview with Margie Wright and Nick Fargnoli from the Toasted Podcast

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It was such an amazing pleasure to talk with Nick and Margie on their podcast, Toasted, then have them on my podcast. We talked about so many educational topics

Educator Nick Fargnoli and Administrator Margie Wright have been using their podcast and blog, ⁠ Toasted ⁠to inspire people to challenge themselves to work through failure to achieve successful outcomes. Each episode takes a deep dive into using failure as a Superpower.

A Little about Margie:

Rochester, NY native who subscribes to astrology as a science, loves a great story, is a creative soul, proud mom, and diehard Buffalo Bills fan.  This is year 29 in public education, currently a district level administrator in Western, NY.

A Little about Nick:

A resident of Naples, NY, Nick is a professor of English at a local college. He is also a musician, an education consultant and father of 3 wonderful boys.

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