Coffee with a Geek Interview with Luke Niforatos

DATE:  Monday July 29th, 2019
TIME:  4-4:30pm
Youtube Link:  HERE

Really looking forward to interviewing Luke Nifaratos about his work with SAM, (Smart Approaches to Marijuana).  With several states legalizing recreational marijuana use, Luke's work, and the SAM organization, are leveraging research and bipartisan political influence to make sure that the ramifications of legalization are truly understood.  I'm going to focus most of our conversation on the impacts of marijuana and its major risks for education and in particular,  young learners.  I really applaud Luke's courage to talk about this issue with clarity and thoughtfulness.

A little about Luke: 
Luke Niforatos is the Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor at SAM, presiding over strategic federal, state, and educational initiatives. Prior to SAM, he spent his career working in nonprofit community healthcare. Luke also founded two digital health companies. Having lived in Colorado during legalization, he, his wife, and daughter have seen firsthand the disastrous effects of lax marijuana policies. This experience inspired Luke to work and speak across the country for a smart marijuana policy free of commercialization and normalization. Luke graduated from the University of Denver.

Ways to Connect with Luke: