Coffee with a Geek Virtual Interview with Fiona Fei

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I've always said that in times of trouble or strife, seek comfort and inspiration in the arts!  I thought it would be a great time to chat with Artist Fiona Fei.  Fiona does most of her work in the virtual world program Second Life.  For educators, Second Life is a free virtual world program that is really designed for adults.  Within this platform are various educational groups and really creative spaces.  One area that I have seen a lot of growth in Second Life is the area of arts.  There are many artistic exhibits that are free to explore and usually meet the artists.  One of the great things about these exhibits is that they are immersive and organic.  I really think that K12 education could use virtual environments  to let their students create.

A little about Fiona in her own words:  I am classically trained in oil painting and electronic media. Much of my early years were spent painting landscapes and portraits using oil paint on canvas. However, I developed a love for non-photorealism over the years as an artist. 
In continuation with my love of non-photorealism, I now produce Chinese ink-brush art in Second Life and exhibit my work around the grid.

Ways to connect with Fiona:

For Second Life Users who want to visit Fiona's Exhibits

The Worldling Cradle ~ Fantasy Faire

La Maison d'Aneli - ShuiMo Blossoms By FionaFei

Chuanghu (Windows) - FionaFei Exhibit - GBTH Project