My Takeaways from ISTE2016 #3 Games and Simulations/ Virtual Environments Playground

Games and VEN Playground Schedule
We had an action packed Games and Simulations/ Virtual Environments Playground this year.  As you can see from our schedule we had some really trend setting presentations along with some corresponding table displays.  Some big ideas from this session:

Lyman Missimer showing Google Cardboard and Expeditions

  • Our playground was very active!  The playground location was ideal because there was lots of traffic and interest.  Thank you ISTE Planning committee!
  • Some new technologies that are breaking into our playground consciousness.  Virtual Reality.  I saw lots of session and vendors promoting VR.  I had a demo from the Nearpod group and was surprised but quite fascinated that they are investing in VR.  
  • Along those lines, Lyman Missimer from Google gave a great presentation on Google Cardboard and Expeditions.  (Can't wait to find out about Google Daydream)
  • Bitcoin and its newest extension Block Chain are concepts and technologies that everyone should keep an eye on.  They are touted as the next disrupters.  I need to learn more about these concepts. 
  • Second Life still has so much to offer for educators looking to push boundaries and connect.
Barbara Seaton Talking about Second Life and Education

Mary Howard showcasing Future Virtual World Projects
  • Classcraft provided some wonderful water bottles to hand out to playground attendees.  Thank you Classcraft.  This platform is definitely worth a look for educators looking to engage their students. 
  • Lastly, but not least. great work from PLN Chairs, Scott Merrick, Kae Novak, and Chris Luchs for making a magical playground.