Coffee with a Geek on Culture: Black Mirror Support Group Talks about "Metal Head"

Black Mirror Support Group Discussion for Educators:  HERE.  Feel free to comment!

The Netflix Series, Black Mirror, is a drama series that highlights the dark side of technology.  Each episode is a stand alone story that is often thought provoking and may be disturbing.  After watching a few seasons, I found myself really needed to reach out to others to see if they could help me to work through some of the heavy hitting themes.  I found a group of educational technology leaders, Matt Mariglia, Heather Krieger, and Jennifer Murphy to help me with this endeavor of unpacking the ideas and concepts that are part of Black Mirror.  We try to focus our attention on how technology interacts with education.

This is our 3rd time analyzing Black Mirror.  In this discussion, we examine the episode entitled, Metal Head.  The story line involves a survivor in a dystopian world trying to escape the cunning pursuit of a mechanical robot that looks eerily like a dog.  She has stolen something from a warehouse in the hopes to return it to other survivors.  What did she steal?  and why should she be so afraid of the dog?  Check out our discussion and/or better yet, watch Metal Head.

  1. Can someone summarize the episode?
  2. What are some of the ways this episode connects with society today?
  3. How does this episode relate to education? Or doesn’t it?
  4. Why do you think the film was in Black and White?  Artistically, what were your thoughts of this episode?