Coffee with a Geek: The Black Mirror Support Group

Video Link for Live Interview


In this month's episode I will be chatting with Williamsville Technology Integrator's Jennifer Murphy Heather Krieger, and Starpoint's Matthew Mariglia as we start our very own Black Mirror Support Group.

In case you're not familiar with Black Mirror, it is a Netflix Series that is similar to The Twighlight Zone, in format so that each episode is self contained.  Every episode takes a technology trend or topic and extends its affects on society to an extreme level.  It is very thought provoking and yes, many of the episodes will leave you quite shaken or disturbed.  (This is an adult level show)  For Common Sense Media Review Click HERE.  That said, I have genuinely thought that its plot lines can relate well to educational technology and I think educators shouldn't be afraid to take on this show.

With that in mind, I have asked my colleagues Jennifer and Heather to offer their insights as we dig into one of the most trending episodes that has to do with Social Media:  NoseDive.  With the help of Catlin Tucker's well written blog post and other resources we will hope to explore social media from a parent and educator point of view.  Join us in the discussion.