2020 a Year In Review!

Yes, 2020 was quite a year.  When you're a blogger you have the opportunity to reflect on your year based on the posts you create.  My goal for every year is to interview a person at least once a month.  Once the Covid Pandemic hit, honestly I ran into a rut.  Partially it was due to the increased demands and changes that are part of my job as a technology integrator.  The other part is was just a small feeling of depression.   I'm guessing we all went through a mixture of emotions.  Needless to say, I found inspiration and energy from my social media friends and eventually got back into the swing by interviewing some fantastic people educators and artists.  

Here is my chronicle of interviews for the 2020 Year.  Hope you'll enjoy the amazing people that I get to talk to.  Their work and ideas are truly inspirational and motivating!


Technology Guru Ryan McGinnis-  Ryan has an amazing grasp of the latest and greatest of EdTech.  I loved chatting with Ryan about all things tech and ways to engage learners.

Music Education Teacher and Musician- Dr. Jill Reese.  I loved chatting with Jill about her work and her wonderful Ukulele YouTube Channel.  Jill really embodies innovative education and highly engaging best practices.


Educator and Technology Expert Mamta Narula:  The Pandemic hit worldwide so this was the first opportunity to talk to Mamta from India from a Global perspective.  She is a wealth of ideas and knowledge for Edtech!


Artist Fiona Fei:  The virtual world, Second Life has always amazed me.  While the educational possibilities have never materialized, there is an explosion of amazing Artistic Talent.  Fiona is one of the finest Artists I have met!  So honored to chat with her via Avatars surrounded by her work!  


Teacher and Author Rachelle Dene Poth:  Rachelle is such an innovator on so many levels.  She is the first 2nd Time Guest on this project and it was well worth it.  She is so knowledgeable.  She was the perfect guest to talk to after my Covid Break!  


Educator and Artist Tim Needles:  Tim is a fellow NY State Educator and amazing talent.  I love getting Tim's thoughts and ideas about Art, Education, and Remote learning.  He is a true Rennaissance Man!


Professor of Education Dr. Sam Fecich.  What a great way to end the #CWAG year with such an upbeat and positive educator, author and podcaster.  Sam's energy positive attitude is so contagious.  Fun and inspiring interview.