Coffee with a Geek Interview with Kristen Swanson


Really honored to have a chance to talk to Kristen Swanson.  I met Kristen a few years ago at the ISTE Conference and enjoyed chatting with her about her creative ideas and insights.  Little did I realize that Kristen would go on to co-found Edcamp, as well as, be a big part of her newest venture Slack!

A little about Kristen in her own words:  I currently serve as the Customer Experience Chief of Staff at Slack. I'm passionate about transforming how people work every day.
A lifelong educator, I also founded Edcamp, an organization that brings free, organic professional learning across the globe. In 2015, Edcamp was named one of the 10 most innovative companies in education by Fast Company.
I've published 3 books on learning design, and my work has been featured at TEDx, Educon, PBS Newshour, and more. I hold a doctorate degree in adult learning and organizational development.
I can't wait to chat with Kristen about making educational ventures happen in the entrepreneurial space.

Ways to Connect with Kristen:
Twitter:  @kristenswanson

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