Coffee with a Geek Interview with Katharine Birbalsingh

WHAT:  Interview with Katharine Birbalsingh

WHEN:  November 11th

One of the questions I ask of many of my guests is:  "If you could design you own school, what would it look like?"  Katharine Birbalsingh has been a part of creating a school!  Katharine is the Headmaster of the Michaela School in England.  This school runs along what I think is a Charter School Model, which I will ask her about in some detail.  Another focus will be on Katharine's perspective on educational technology.

Recently, Katharine has appeared on the Rubin Report.  Dave Rubin, in my opinion, is an outstanding interviewer because he asks probing questions and provides ample time for his guests to respond.  I will ask Katharine about her experience having a voice on such a wide ranging platform.

My overarching interest however, will be to really understand Katharine's work, her results, and her ideas, specifically around changing the dynamic of education.   I can't wait to hear her thoughts.

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