Coffee with a Geek Interview with Create-a-thon Winning Students

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I had a great opportunity to interview some students from Thomas C. Armstrong Middle School.  These students were the winners of the first Create-a-Thon in the area.  Like a Hackathon, the format for this contest is:  a) Pitch an idea b) Develop a team to work with c) develop your idea d)present the idea.  The best ideas are then evaluated by a panel of Judges.

These students idea was to create a way for teachers to evaluate their gender bias and then provide ways to make their classrooms more inclusive.  You can see their results by looking at their Padlet that they created:  HERE

A little about these students:

Calista lives with her wonderful parents, little sister Addie and three dogs, Kip, Charlotte, and Brownie. Calista plays midfield for Wayne Modified Team and Wayne Wings. Calista is always up for a challenge!

Jaden plays defense for Wayne’s Modified Soccer team. An interesting fact about Jaden is he has a twin brother, Corbin. He also has a little sister named Olivia.

Araya is an only child and has two cats, Max and  Sugar. Araya enjoyed participating in the Create-a-Thon.

Here are the questions I asked the students:

1. Tell me about your Create-a-Thon Winning idea

2. How did you like working through the design thinking process

3. Do you think this process helps to prepare you for your future?

4. From Doing this Hackathon, do you think it could be done in other schools?

5. What are your future plans?

Speed Geek Questions:

1. What is your favorite book?
2. What is you favorite way to unplug from technology?