Coffee with a Geek Interview with Caitlin Krause

WHEN:  Wednesday November 9th, 2016
TIME:  4:00PM Eastern Time

I met Caitlin at this year's ISTE 2016 Conference and really enjoyed learning about her impressive body of work and future authorship.

To put a one-sized fits all tag on Caitlin's work is difficult to do, so suffice it to say, that she puts her energies into almost any creative and collaborative enterprise within an educational framework.  Her website is Mindwise, and on her pages you can find an incredible amount of ideas, scholarship, and collaborative opportunities to work with her.  Her website lists these major identifiers of her work.
  • Global innovation leader, international speaker, writer, artist, mindfulness consultant, coach, educator
  • Promotes interdisciplinary learning, STEAM innovation and design thinking strategies
  • Passionate about learning and interactive expressive technologies and media, including photography and multimedia art
Caitlin is finishing up her first publication scheduled for release in 2017.  I will ask her about her book as well as some of these questions.

  1. Tell me about your conceptual framework of Mindfulness, and tell me about how it has influenced your work and authorship?
  2. You have travelled extensively, what are your impressions of education in other countries?
  3. (Artist-Creative-Innovation) Storytelling meets tech?
  4. Where do you see education in 5-10 20 years?  Is that where you would want it to be?
  5. Tell me about your upcoming projects.  
  6. What are your thoughts on Virtual Reality?
Please join me for the interview via Youtube Live and check out Caitlin's social media channels:

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